What Is CrossFit?

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

CrossFit is a combination of all the best aspects in the world of sports

What is this crossfit everyone is talking about? Well, crossfit is not only a sport, it’s also a lifestyle. Not only is it focusing on stamina, endurance, strength and flexibility, but also on a healthy lifestyle and everyday physical quality.
In crossfit the combination of gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, running and the good old exercises like push-ups, burpees and pull-ups . The main goal in crossfit is to prepare you for every physical task you could encounter. That’s why Crossfit tournaments, such as the International CrossFit Games, all have different exercise events. The exercises are designed to build up the core of every muscle you train. The different exercises help train your body to deal with everyday tasks.

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CrossFit is for everyone

People who wonder if crossfit is for them can be reassured because crossfit is for everyone. When you get to your CrossFit affiliate there’s a WOD (workout of the day), waiting for you. If you can’t perform the  workout due to injuries or other causes you can always scale the exercise to your  level. From stay-at-home moms to professional athletes, from healthy and able  people to disabled people. There is one rule about participants, you have to be 16  years old.

The variability of crossfit is one of the main difference between it and your basic gym. In crossfit you have coaches making the exercises for you and watching you when you do them to make sure that you’re doing them right. It’s a mandatory in crossfit to take a 4 week class before you begin your career in crossfit unlike in regular gyms where you can just walk in and start exercising maybe without knowing anything about standard lifts and body posture which is unsafe and could end with injuries.

Is crossfit safer than other gyms?

coaching crossfit

There is always someone watching you and provides that you are doing the lifts correctly

People believe that crossfit is safer than the basic gym although there are some who disagree. When you start in crossfit you are taught the basics in weight lifting and posturing correctly. When you continue your crossfit career, you’re surrounded by professionals and they correct you if you’re doing anything wrong.  For the part of heavy lifting and the danger of overtraining, that is what the scaling is for and the exercise are not assigned to ware out the body. Stretches are also a big deal of crossfit.
Every Crossfit affiliate has a stretching room with some equipment.
You see results. By doing so many different movements in any given day, you are working out your whole body. You will see positive results in your strength, your fitness, your health, your weight loss, or whatever other goals that you might have.



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